2019 Celebrity Walk and Breakfast

Children’s Treatment Centre has ‘beautiful process’ for treatment and is a world standout.

An abuse survivor says the Children’s Treatment Centre stands out in its field of treating child abuse compared to those around the world.

Nicole Braddock Bromley detailed her abuse at the hands of her stepfather while growing up in rural Ohio during the CTC Celebrity Walk and Breakfast at the Cornwall Civic Complex on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019.

“Healing is a lifelong journey. And what I really love (and) was so impressed with (is) the fact that children can come here not only for free but they’re allowed to come back after a certain period of time. That is unheard of,” Bromley relayed to the crowd of 600.

She says children can get therapy in the U.S. but it’s expensive and “once you’re done, you’re done.”

“There are layers and layers to the pain and the lies you believe about yourself and the lies you believe about others…it’s a constant unpeeling to get to the real root of who you are and to find your purpose in life,” she said, comparing healing to an union.

Bromley says what Cornwall does is “a beautiful process” she hasn’t seen “anywhere else” in 17 years travelling across the world visiting treatment centres. “You have something very special here.”

Bromley, 39, is the founder and executive director of OneVOICE4freedom – a non-profit that works to stop child trafficking around the world. She is also an author.

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