Bike-a-thon Plus

Children’s Treatment Centre Bike-A-Thon PLUS cyclist says event “couldn’t be any better”

After being persuaded to participate in the Children’s Treatment Centre Bike-A-Thon PLUS several years ago, Mary Jolly says the event this year “couldn’t be any better.”

“It was just – one word – fantastic. It was cool but, then again, the wind wasn’t too bad early this morning and there was very few people on the bike path at 7:30 a.m.”, Jolly said.

The Cornwall resident, originally from Holland, cycles for the sake of the children. “I think it is such a necessity (the Children’s Treatment Centre) because those children are going to be our future and we have to take care of those (children),” she said.

Jolly was part of Team Kalsi, named after Parminder “Cookie” Kalsi of Kalrim Cycles & Sports. She was convinced by Cookie’s late wife, Elizabeth, to do the event for the children. The first inception of the group was the Jolly Riders. They would cycle from Cornwall to Williamstown and back.

Cycling was not the only event, hence the PLUS in the name. People were also horseback riding, jumping in rally cars, on motorcycles and were doing Zumba, or else walking all to raise money for the centre, which treats children suffering from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The centre relies entirely on donations and primarily on the work of volunteers.

Bike-A-Thon PLUS chairman Don Fairweather was pleased with the turnout. “I would say that we’re on par with other years. We’ve been blessed with a great day this morning with bright sunshine. We have a cast of many volunteers, booking and registering participants and organizing activities so, all in all, I’m very satisfied with the turnout,”

Fairweather said there were events for everyone ” 11 in all ” even for people seeking “modest” physical activity.

“People understand and have rallied around the cause. They recognize the value that the Children’s Treatment Centre provides to those who need it – the service. The secondary part – it’s fun! There’s food … community fellowship … entertainment – so we’ve tried to create that family centered atmosphere,” Fairweather said.

Participants were entertained at the river’s edge behind Saint Lawrence College by the music of The Brigadoons and the footwork of the MacCulloch Dancers.

Organizers were still tallying up the pledges and donations on Saturday afternoon. The CTC Bike-A-Thon PLUS is hoping to meet or beat last year’s fund raising total of $119,000.

Everyone young and old enjoyed a fantastic day

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