Bike-a-thon Plus Kick-Off Breakfast

Paster Kevin Ramsey Shared his Account of his 2009 Life-changing Ordeal

The morning started with a sobering story of resiliency and dedication as Paster Kevin Ramsey shared his account of his 2009 life-changing ordeal when he encountered a troubled and desperate individual in the middle of a break-and-enter. Pastor Ramsey was stabbed 37 times during the altercation and left for dead.

His faith told him “they still need you” giving him courage and resiliency, fighting through the pain and hopelessness to hold on just a little longer. He shares his story to help those feeling hopelessness to hang on and also for those in the community to rally support for those fighting similar pains.

An important reminder

Over 600 people heard Pastor Ramsey’s message and were reminded just how important for all of us to be strong in the face of adversity, especially when we’re scared.

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