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Celebrity Walk & Concert

Oct 30, 2014 Celebrity Walk & Concert

Deondra and Desirae Brown played two Steinway grand pianos to a packed house on October 30 at Aultsville Theatre stage. The sisters, two-fifths of the “5 Browns”, were the latest in a long string of accomplished guests who have shared stories of their personal abuse for the Children’s Treatment Centre main fundraiser.

The audience sat spellbound and captivated as they watched Deondra and Desirae on stage perform wonderful, classical music. They explained that each piece of music has an association with their life and the abuse at the hands of their father. Deondra and Desirae each took time between pieces of music to speak of how they have overcome the abuse and continued to move forward with their lives. The revelation that not just one of the sisters but all three of them have suffered abuse sparked them into action to stop their father, have justice served and prevent it from happening to others. They also explained the four steps taken in their long struggle to reshape their lives as a survivor.

Touring the facilities of the Children’s Treatment Centre inspired them on Thursday night to play a special piece of music at the concert for all the staff and volunteers who make a difference in the lives of our children, to help them heal and succeed in becoming a survivor like them.

Here are some of our prominent “Celebrities” enlisted by Sean Adams, Honourary Chair and Top Fundraiser for this event: 2014 Celebrities

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